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A day at the races
Saturday's races heat  1 and 2

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Thanks for sharing! Magnificent sound and drive!
Thanks Abri
Sounds stunning Smile Great driving too.
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Thanks Jared
Well done Dion....That engine sounds great and you make it look so easy going round that track.....
Thanks Krishan, when I watch the videos after the race it looks like I'm on a Sunday drive. Behind the wheel it's actually hard work. Smile
Great driving Dion, looks and sounds amazing.Nice to see you passing those escorts
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Thanks, been trying for a long time to get in front of the fords.
@Dion, awesome to see a Mini driven in anger!

A few questions if I may?

- What power is this Mini making?
- What tyres are you running?
- What laptimes do you do on Killarney?
- What series do you race in?
- What is done to the suspension in terms of getting the car set up for the track?

I've raced a few cars and have driven all sorts on the track, but never a Mini. My Mini is too slow to be of any worth on the track anyway. I race a VW Golf in the 111 Sports and Saloons Series up here in Gauteng, and it's always epic to be part of a 35-50 car grid.

I've never driven on Killarney, but it is on the to-do list.
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