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Wheel Rims and Tyre Variations
(I sorted this list for my own use, the Australian legal situation will not apply however the first calculator I find quite useful.)

For those who like to play with wheel and tyre combinations the following links may be useful.

A wheel rim and tyre comparison chart - first is the factory fitment, second is alternate fitment and two charts follow with comparitive figres, rim size range for tyres chosen and similar data. Note that if you enter the comparison page from another on the site and the vehicle has been chosen the factory data has been set.

List of factory fitments arranged by PCD - useful if you want to try a wheel rim from another manufacturer.

PCD list arranged by manufacturer in different formats.

Manufacturer list leading to wheel data.

Pictures of available factory wheels

Legal requirements in different states of Australia.

I probably find the "rims n tyres" link and the "wheel size com" links the most useful, but all have some merit depending on the approach taken.

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