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Mini GTS
I own a 1987 Mini GTS which was started as a project car by my father and myself late in 1998 but which came to a sudden and grinding halt in late 2005 when my father passed away from an aneurysm. Currently the car is about 95% finished, but I have not been able to finish it up. As it stands only the twin carbs and intake manifold have to be fitted along with the radiator and gear linkages. The rest of the things like seats and door panels just need to be fitted as they have all already been reupholstered. The only missing parts at the moment are some of the carb return springs and some hoses. I have recently decided to make work of finishing up the car and would appreciate any help I can get on how to setup the twin carbs.
Great news that you will be finishing the project and getting it back on the road again. For the SU carbs try Lots of 9info with diagrams and advice
You must let us see some pics of you Mini

Where did you GTS come from because the last SA manufacture rolled off the production line in October 1983, although the NAAMSA figures show 1984 sales as well but that must be 1983  stock.
I'd imagine it being a 1978 GTS like my own, the GTS was only produced in SA between '73-'79, thereafter it was the 1275E and the limited edition Rebel and Souvenir.

Lovely vehicle that you own as its a truly South African model, post some pics when you get a chance.
1979 GTS

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