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Forum Shutdown
Good Evening Mini Enthusiasts!

Yes, you read the title correctly. 

This Forum platform was established on the 26th August 2015 due to the interest from mini-owners across South Africa, quite a few members chipped in generously and contributed money to the running cost of the platform. Unfortunately when going through the account today the realisation hit me that our funds are about to run dry within a month or two.

The running cost of this platform in its current form is roughly R57.33 per month or R688/year. If you are interested in the full cost breakdown to date etc. please refer to the first post of the "How much does a Forum Cost thread". 

I would like to appeal to all users of the Forum for suggestions on a way forward: either we need to raise more funds to carry us through, or think of new options to host this site elsewhere, or maybe accept that the need for a Forum has now past with the rise of Facebook etc.

You are welcome to contact me for any clarifications.

Hi Umar

There does seem to be much less traffic through the forum than experienced in the past, and in fact if you go back to the old forum before it disappeared over night on us, you can see the amount of comments is much less. I myself only go in once a week to catch up on the Mini scene back in SA.

You are probably right though, the Facebook and Whatsapp groups are probably the cause.

All the best man, I do hope you and your family are doing well, and from me personally, well done in keeping it go for as long as you did.
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  • Heinrich
It will be sad to see it go, maybe it can be integrated into the MOCSA site somehow?
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  • Heinrich
Sorry to see the site go Sad I remember looking into alternatives for forum hosting back when the old forum host shutdown. I wonder if there are any free options. I don't think that facebook/whatsapp are taking over, but they definitely make it easier for people to get more rapid responses regarding sourcing parts and technical queries. I still think a forum is a great place to follow build threads and get more detailed technical help, but perhaps things are moving on from the forum style of classic car group communication.
It'd be real sad to see this site go . . . I much prefer a forum platform over FB/WhatsApp groups, but sadly the latter are more readily accessible. Hopefully we can find a way to keep this going. Smile
                                                                            Mk3 Full Build Thread
                                                                    [Image: XLqVNZw.jpg?1]
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  • Sean1380
I would like to help keep the forum going, but should we not get enough members maybe a whatsapp group/ closed facebook page

We have a lot of members on this forum i honestly am not a lot on the forum but every month i contribute R 10-00 without fail.So to all the members lets pay up so the forum can stay alive.If all fails please add me to the face book or watts app group.


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